Monday, September 9, 2013

Singapore-Vietnam Joint Stamp

Singapore-Vietnam Joint Stamp

Singapore and Vietnam first established diplomatic relations in 1973.  The bilateral ties between the two countries have built up over the years and grown from strength to greater strength.  2013 marks the 40th anniversary strong regional allies of both countries.

Beautifully depicted in this stamp issue, the Red Junglefowl and Grey Peacok Pheasant are featured and will be releasing on 12 Sept 2013.

Red Junglefowl

The Red Junglefowl also scientifically known as the Gallus gallus, is widely touted as the wild ancestor of the domestic chicken.  The head of the cock has ear wattles and sports a majestic red comb.  Their feathers are long, bright gold and bronze in colour stretching from its neck and over its back.  The tail feathers are long and arching and shimmer with blue, purple and green under the light.

Grey Peacock Pheasant

The Grey Peacock Pheasant also scientifically known as Polyplectron Bicalcaratum is a small species of bird found mostly in the lowland and hill forests of Assam and Southeast Asia.  It has grayish brown plumage that are spotted with dark blue circles with white rings along its wings and mantle.  Each of its tail feather has two finely spotted green “eyespots” or ocelli which is especially prominent in the males.

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